Cuckold hotwife Alexis explains why cuckold creampies are NOT optional.So you wanna be a cuckold, eh? At least you THINK you do. It’s so easy to romanticize the notion of orchestrating the perfect evening of lovemaking for your hot wife. The bull stud has accepted his invite, the hotel room is booked, and the dinner reservations are confirmed. You of course will not be present.

Cuckold cream pies are part of the package.

“That’s okay,” you think to yourself. “It will all be worth it when they come back to the hotel and put on a super hot sex show for me to jerk off to.” You think that’s really all there is to it? Think again, because I am here to lay down a little factoid for you. If you want to be a real cuckold, then there is a certain rite of passage you can count on having to complete.

Still feeling a little clueless? Well, let me help you out. Yes, cuckold, the cream pie is NOT optional. Kind of puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it? I bet you thought your wife’s bull stud was going to respect the sanctity of your arrangement and cum on her tits like a gentleman. Nope, part of the fun of banging a beautiful attached lady is cumming inside of another man’s wife.

On your knees before the glorious bull stud.

Before he even goes near your wife’s pussy, you should do the honors of sucking his cock to get him as hard as possible for entry. In this way, the two of you will form an essential bond that will make the thought of eating the creampie much easier for you to swallow. Your wife will be glowing as she watches you doing your duty. She might even be inspired to give you a little treat. Listen to the audio below to find out more about it.

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