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Can You Handle The Heat?

Why would I humiliate my little dicked cuckold when I just adore you so much? Because it makes that nubbin stick up!

You’ve become almost addicted to that feeling, by the way you’re always trying to show it off. Oh, you don’t think I’ve noticed your attempts to get my bull stud to see your tiny pecker? Of course, we see you. We’re just ignoring you, because we have other things on our minds.

Since you’re so good at cleaning up my lover’s cuckold cream pie, he and I have come up with a little reward for you.

Get all dressed up in your panties and those stockings I like to see you wear, and meet me and my stud at his place. You’ll have our undivided attention while you rub that tiny cuckold penis. We’re even going to allow you to compare your little stump to my lover’s thick sausage. Oh, that’ll get your little cuck nub dripping!

Of course, my lover and I won’t be keeping all of your sissy assets to ourselves! You’ll be showing off that tiny penis to him and me, AND 20 or 30 of our friends in the cuck fuck lifestyle.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I wonder if you’ll be the shortest penis in the room? I can’t wait to find out whether your cuckold small penis is even shorter than my friend Christina’s husband. Oh, wouldn’t it be really embarrassing to find out that the other cuckolds there have larger penises than you do?

Now that would make me truly laugh out loud to find out that not only is your penis smaller than my bull stud’s, but it’s even smaller than the puniest sissy cuckold at the party!

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