Eat cum for Cuckoldress Piper.

Prepare to Impress Me!

Are you ready to eat cum for your cuckoldress?

I’m not saying that every cuckoldress wants her cuckold to eat cum, whether that might be her lover’s cum or her cuckold’s own cum, but I do think every cuckold should be ready to eat cum when ordered. The last thing you need to be doing is freezing up when you’re ordered to slurp that gooey man oyster.

The most obvious place to begin your cum eating training is eating your own cum. Goodness knows you have a steady supply with all that jerking off you do!

I also think it’s good to get into the habit of eating your cum every time you ejaculate. Cumming hard all the time is a privilege reserved for real men, and since you’re hardly a real man, if you get to do it, you should humiliate yourself some way to make up for it. Nothing like a big palm full of cuck-shake to keep you in the right head-space.

If you’re not willing to always serve your Mistress with your mouth by eating your cum, then you deserve to have your orgasm withheld until you are.

I know plenty of cuckies I had to starve for a while until they were so blind with lust they didn’t care what I put into their mouths, as long as they got to squeal like a bitch and empty their little plums. Of course, I fed them cum because I always train a cuckold to eat cum. He first eats his own cum, and then he eats my lovers’ jizz.

It’s only if he’s very good that he’s allowed to lap cum out of my pussy.

How about you? Have you been a good enough boy to lap cum out of Mistress’ pussy? Do you deserve a delicious cuckold cream pie in your mouth?

Call me and convince me, if you’re brave enough!


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