Ms. Brighton will cuckold you by fucking your hot wife.

Being cuckolded by Mistress Brighton isn’t the end of the world. Just the end of your orgasm. 1-800-601-6975

That’s right, stud, you heard correctly. Why should you get all the fun? You’ve got a hot wife, and you’ve been neglecting her, running around sticking your dick in everything that moves, and some that don’t, so I’ve decided that cuckolding would be the perfect perspective changer to snap you out of this little daze you seem to be in.

Cuckolded FemDom Style

Did you really think that your slut-whoring ways wouldn’t be found out? It makes me laugh, but tonight you’re going to be the only one crying when I lock your cock up in chastity, and I make you watch me dominate your wife and give her pleasure in ways you never could. Cuckolding isn’t just about a woman having sex with other men. No. Sometimes it’s a woman getting fed up with her husband’s antics and making him pay by completely emasculating him.

Your Wife is Going to Love Every Minute of It

You know what they say: A woman knows what a woman wants. It’s the reason why some women leave their inadequate husbands for the same sex. Only in your case, not only is your wife leaving you for a real “woman,” I’m going to give her the best fuck of her life. You see, while you’ve been galavanting and swinging your sausage around, your wife has been getting served in ways she probably never imagined, because sadly she was with you. And you are pathetic, your dick is pathetic, and we’re going to lock your loser dick up in chastity for as long as she wants. Maybe forever.


I think it’s time to teach you a lesson, and show you who’s boss. Even now, you’re worried about cumming? Ha! Well, you needn’t stress yourself over such things. The answer is, YOU WILL NOT BE CUMMING. But hey, your wife’s moans of pleasure should suffice, because I’m going to make you watch just as often as I like, while I give her one orgasm after the next, and you have NONE. Think you can handle that, stud?


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