Cuckolding a man does not mean you have to sneak off to cheat.

Mistress Simone weaves cuckold fantasies for you.

Be My cuckold!

I enjoy cuckolding my husband from the comfort of my own bed. There is nothing quite like the enjoyment of one’s own bed. It just feels good coming home and slipping off your clothes and sliding under the sheets naked.

Of course, when I get home, hubby is happily sleeping.

I like going out when he’s sleeping, or inviting over a hot, young stud while it’s very early or late into the night. We have a king size bed, and my husband knows his proper place is to sleep next to the wall. This way, I do not have to climb over him when I get into bed.

I should never be inconvenienced in such a way when I need good sex.

So, I take my lover to my bed while my husband is up against the wall, sleeping usually in a fetal position, wrapped in his personal comforter. I then make out with my lover while he strips me and straddles my body. It feels so good to have sex with someone new while I am laying right next to my husband.

Then, I feel my lover enter me, and I moan out in delightful bliss.

He begins to pump me in a rather rough manner, and the bed begins to shake. I usually hear my husband’s sad whimper at that point. I enjoy hearing his sad whimpers, because when he does this, it feels like he is feeling the cock along with me.

Last night, I rode a new guy, and after awhile I noticed that Gordon was rock hard. I grabbed his cock and pulled on it while I rode my nameless lover. I heard both of them moan, and I was rather delighted to know I could make both my cuckold husband and the man I was riding cum at the same time.

I LOVE cuckold fantasies.

Would you like to do this one with me?

Hugs and Kisses!


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)


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