What’s better then a nice BBC inside of me?

Cuckold with BBC!

Cuckold with BBC!

Nothing, really. BBC is the apex of cocks, and husbands need to understand this. A husband should never be ashamed of being a cuckold to a black man. It is, after all, the home run, the Grammy, the absolute best you can have. Not only do black men have the best cocks when it comes to having sex, they have better rhythm than most white men. You can feel it, not just in bed, but also when you are on the dance floor.

A black man will take charge and grab you on the dance floor.

When you’re dancing with one, you will feel a rhythm that is absolutely undeniable. There is nothing like the sensation of losing yourself in the heat and lust of another. It’s not just that, though. The black men, at least that I have been with, seem truly thankful to be with me. They are possessive and proud to feel me.

They are always pleased when I tell them how large they are when they’re inside of me.

I have never heard anything but how tight I am from a black man. It’s always like being a virgin again, when I feel a black man thrust inside of me for the first time. It’s absolutely amazing to feel the heat of a black man when he starts to dance while inside of me.

Black men last longer than the average white man.

Not only are their cocks on average larger, but they also last longer then the average white man. This is why all women should enjoy a black man at some point in their life, even if they are already with a partner or married. It’s important that the husband understands that he is doing his wife a disservice by not allowing her to experience this great joy.

Husbands should go out of their way to find black men for their wives.

Men should be proud to be a cuckold, and find black men that are compatible in their relationship. Once a good lover is found, the overall mood and disposition of the wife will change completely for the better.

Don’t be ashamed of being a cuckold.

Give your wife not the gift of diamonds, but the gift of a nice, big black cock!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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