cuckold, Small Penis Cuckold, phone sexThe Case for Being a Small Penis Cuckold

Does it seem that your wife has lost interest in or dreads having sex with you? Would she prefer that you use a big, juicy dildo to fuck her, as opposed to your own penis? Does she make comments about your size or performance in the bedroom? Does she masturbate frequently in order to meet her needs? If you are brutally honest with yourself, would you say you have a small penis?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, your true place might well be that of a small penis cuckold…

Why a Small Penis Cuckold

While it is certainly not the case that all cuckolds happen to have little dicks, the fact that you have a tiny totem pole is a better reason than any for you to consider why you and your wife might fare better if you resign yourself to being cuckolded. You do want your wife to be sexually happy, right?

If your wife is unhappy and unfulfilled sexually, she could always lie and sneak around, fucking other men behind your back to make sure she is satisfied by a cock of a “more preferable” size. However, being cuckolded allows you to both remain in your relationship and make complete honesty possible.

It’s really a win-win situation. Your wife doesn’t leave you for a man with a bigger cock, and you don’t have to wonder if she’s screwing around.

But Won’t That Be Humiliating

Let’s face it. if your dick is deficient and your wife would rather scrub the oven than have what you call “sex” with her, don’t you think you should already feel embarrassed?

That said, I will not argue the fact that becoming a cuckold primarily -or solely- because you have a small dick does carry with it an inherent degree of humiliation. In fact, you could consider being cuckolded as its own form of small penis humiliation.

Don’t you think the humiliation would be bearable or maybe even mitigated by your becoming an enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive cuckold, making your wife’s needs a top priority, even if that means you know and approve of her fucking other men, whether on her own or in front of you?

I think we both know that, embarrassed and ashamed or not, becoming a small penis cuckold might just be the only way you’ll ever really satisfy your wife!

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