Can’t sleep? A good bed time story is always helpful for that!

So here is a cuckold bedtime story just for you.

Read this cuckold bedtime story by Mis. Nadia.

Cuckold Fantasies            Mistress Nadia

Your wife said she was going out for “girls night”, but you know the truth. You know she has not been satisfied by your tiny cock and that she is really out finding her bull lover tonight.

Oh, she did go to the club. What better place to test dozens of guys out for cock size? Dancing with the guys, bumping and grinding her ass right into them, feeling their cocks growing. She didn’t want the nasty, little surprise she got when she took you to bed for the first time, after all.

Then she finds him. Her eyes go wide when she feels his huge cock spreading her ass cheeks through that flimsy dress of hers. His strong hands on her hips. The music changes, and she stands up and turns towards him. They kiss, a deep, passionate, tongue kiss. He presses his hard-on up against her thigh, her hands wander, and she caresses it, right there in the club.

He grabs her wrist and leads her to the door, out into the night air, and to the parking deck. Your wife fumbles with her cell. She sends you a text,”Sorry, hun. Had too much to drink. Don’t feel safe driving home. Spending the night at my girlfriend’s. See you in the morning.”

He pushes her up against his car. His hand cupping her breast. She lets out the most delicious moan, as his thumb finds her nipple. He undoes his belt buckle and drops his pants, as he climbs into the back seat of his car. His big, 10 inch cock springing out from it’s cloth prison. You wife’s eyes go wide again as she sees it for the first time. She follows him into the car and wastes no time in dropping to the floorboard so she can wrap her lips around that monster cock.

Her tongue glides all over his cock, as her head bobs up and down. Her tongue flicking across the tip, lapping up the bead of precum drooling from his big, fat mushroom cap head.

He pulls her up. She pulls her panties off and straddles him. She lowers and impales herself on his big, thick, pussy stretching cock. It feels so good. She can’t help herself as she starts screaming. She sticks her upper body out the moon roof, her hands holding tight to the roof rack, her head thrown back, not caring who might see and hear her there in the parking garage, while her bull lover pounds her pussy.

Oh dear, I guess my story didn’t do much to help you sleep, did it? Maybe you should give one of us Cuckold Fantasies Mistresses a call instead.


Cuckold Bedtime Story by Cuckold Fantasies Mistress, Ms. Nadia.

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