small penis humiliation, cuckold, sissySmall Dick Equals Sissy Cuckold

Are you one of those poor “little” saps who wishes you could step up to the plate and hit it out of the park, but alas, sissy cuckold, your junior bat is too small and weak to hit even a foul ball?

Are you physically incapable of satisfying a woman, because your dick could fit comfortably inside a thimble?

Are you a lost-cock-cause, because any woman who might be unfortunate enough to see your mini-mushroom cap would leave skid marks in search of a real man?

If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions, your pathetic little wee wee belongs in a pair of panties because YOU have no other potential than to be a sissy cuckold. Period.

No Woman Wants a Little Dick

Trust me when I tell you that size DOES matter, and if a woman can legitimately ask you “Is it in yet?” then your penis IS too small – for any woman, for any reason.

You can tell yourself that surely there must be some woman somewhere who is desperate enough to be accepting of your oversized clit, you pussy boy, but that’s only a lie you hope will make you feel better.

If your micro-penis is so small that you can finger yourself or require only your index finger and thumb to tweak it, there is no point of desperation that could make your sad, awful, snubbed nub even remotely appealing – to ANY woman, anywhere, EVER! Look down and you will know exactly why you are meant to be a cuckold!

(And don’t give me that inane crap about how you’re attractive, and that should make a difference. You have no dick; therefore, you can’t fuck – except for maybe pleasing a bottle cap!)

Forget about ever having any sexual contact with a woman. It’s just not in the cards for you.

Embrace Being a Pantied Sissy Cuck

However, all is not completely lost. You can accept the fact that the little cottonball-sized bump of skin that hides inside your undies, like a frightened turtle retreating into its shell, makes you a perfect candidate for being a successful sissy cuckold.

Get yourself a pair of panties – or twenty- and get comfy. Resign yourself to the fact that panties fit you perfectly. Just look! They’re a bulge-free zone! Keep that joke of a penis in your drawers and spend your time encouraging your wife to seek out a real man who has a big, juicy cock that can fuck her into oblivion.

Understand that your puny protuberance belongs all alone in sexual exile while your wife is out getting hers from a real man – and that IS the only way you will ever keep a woman! You either agree to being her cuckolded sissy or that’s all she wrote!

What other choice do you have? Much like the substance of your pee pee, there is none!!


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