You have become a sissy cuckold.So, it’s finally happened. You’ve come to accept the fact that things are changing in your household. Your wife has finally decided to turn you into a sissy cuckold. How exquisite! No need to play surprised. You knew this day was on the horizon. You told yourself as much every time the two of you had sex, if you even want to call it that.

Your hot wife is smarter than that, cuckold.

I think it’s a sad fact that most men believe their wives will just take their sex lives as-is. That they will put up with teeny weenies and awful inattentive technique. Face it, the only thing you had going for you was your tongue, and she barely wants that anymore.

No, she has moved on to better things. BIGGER things. Longer things.

So what’s a cuckold to do?

Simply put, you do all that you can to be useful to your hot wife and her bull stud. You pay for their dates. You cover the cost of her sexy lingerie. You even learn to be a good fluffer if that is what SHE desires. Because it really is about her pleasure.

In fact, you should do the both of you a favor and just start wearing panties now because no one wants to see your clitty. I don’t care how cute you think it is. You’ll probably be staring at it a lot though, once he’s plowing her in your presence. No one said life as a sissy cuckold would be easy, but your wife will certainly have fun and that’s really all that matters.


Be a sissy cuckold for Mistress Alexis.

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