Legal role plays can be very erotic.

Especially when a Mistress plays the lawyer. Legal eagles have a reputation for fucking people over, but when it comes to a Femdom counselor, she can fuck you over with legalese and make you love it.

A cuckold has a binding contract.

Imagine what it would be like to be on your honey moon with your brand new hot wife bride. So desperate to touch her, to fuck her, that you would do anything. There’s just one little catch.

Just a teensy bit of paper work that needs your signature. A post nuptial contract, drawn up by a diabolical Femdom lawyer.

Ms. Lilly weaves legal role plays for cuckolds you don't want to miss!

Naturally, you want to please your hot wife bride.

And she’s made it abundantly clear that there will be no wedding night until that contract is signed. Even though you get the feeling that there’s something more to this than she is letting on, you start signing. Every time you try to focus on what you are putting your signature to, your hot wife and that sexy lawyer distract you, until before you’re even sure how it happened, you’ve signed away all your marital rights. With dawning horror and embarrassed lust, you realize that you will never get to fuck your hot wife. Instead, someone else will do the honors, and you signed the paper work to make it possible.

Your life as a cuckold is just beginning.

As that sexy lawyer rolls up the contract, leaving the honeymoon suite while your replacement files in, you suddenly understand exactly what she meant by promising if you just signed the paper work, you’d be fucked royally. You managed to fuck yourself over completely, but now someone else will fuck your bride tonight, and for all the nights to come.

Legal roleplays with a Femdom lawyer to transform you into a cuckold.

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