Why are YOU a Cuckolded HusbandYou are a cuckolded husband and you think YOUR in charge?

You are a cuckold, but why is that? Why, cuck boy?

What has led to your being left at home to jerk off all alone while your hot wife is out getting screwed for hours by another man? Why are you left in the corner to watch a hard, horny, well-hung powerhouse-of-a-man fuck “your” woman? Why is it your wife is getting off harder and louder when she’s getting drilled by another man?

You tell me you’re “not really” a cuck, and your size, stamina, and ability to satisfy your wife in the sack are not issues. No. That’s not it at all. You claim it was your idea for her to be fucked well by a virile young stud because you’re kinky. You think she continues because you want and allow it.

Really?! WHOM do you think you are fooling?

So You Think You Chose To Be a Cuckold

Yes. I know you like to fancy yourself an “open-minded” man. You want to push some boundaries. You’ve been all up in the cuckold porn, choking the chicken, and you think it would be hot to play pretend. You just want to get your jollies while you watch. Surely it would be fun!

You think, because you suggested this, and it turns you on to see your wife taken in front of you, that you have NOT at all been cuckolded. Oh no! You’re just broadening your own horizons and want her to do this for your kinky pleasure, so you are definitely not a cuckolded man. No way!

Yes. Your wife may be the one getting laid, but this is all about your voyeuristic longings. You “know” you are more than “well-equipped” enough to satisfy your wife, but you like this sharing, that’s why this is happening. You just get so excited watching your wife with her lover!

You are in the driver’s seat. You could pull the plug at any time, but are you? Could you?

Snap Out of Your Cuckold Denial

Your mistake is “thinking” you are in charge of this sexual interlude because you have suggested, encouraged, endorsed, and supported it. Furthermore, you say it would be different if she fucked another man behind your back and without your “permission,” but this is no secret, and you’re there, seeing everything that happens.

You realize that your hot wife does not want to stop. She has become more insatiable that you have ever known her to be. You drop hints that you got your kinky little fix, but she ignores them and lets you know in no uncertain terms that she has NO intention of stopping.

She is loving every chance she has to be turned out and get a good, deep dicking from a well-hung bull. She is a woman out of control, and you have only yourself to thank!

Now, tell me again: How is it you became a cuckolded husband?


Are you a cuckolded husband?

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