Shopping can be a new level of fun when I bring my boyfriend and my cuckold husband!

Cuckold shopping tease while buying panties.

You are My cuckold!

First off, you can never have too many panties. It may seem like you can have too many, but you really must consider that, at times, you have to edit and throw the old ones out. It’s also fun to go panty shopping with two guys that do not feel comfortable with each other. It just makes it overall entertaining to bring hubby cuckie and the big cocked boyfriend.

My first stop is Victoria Secret, and I insist both guys go with in with me.

How on earth am I going to decide which teddy and panties I want if I don’t have my boyfriend with me? I have to hold up the panties while both men get rather uncomfortable. I guess I feed off their frustration and excitement.

You can only guess which man gets excited!

Bonus points for you, reader, if you said the big cocked boyfriend. The voyeur hubby only gets to watch while I flirt with my boyfriend. He may try to run away for some random reason, but I never give him permission, so he is forced to stand there and watch.

I love when my boyfriend makes little random touches on my body in the store.

It always makes me really excited, so I reward him by dropping a pair of panties and bending over in front of him. When I pop back up, I always tell him that when we get home, I’ll model the clothing for him.

Ironically, he teases back by telling me it would be a waste to model my panties since I will be face down on the bed. We have a really good laugh at that point, and people are listening to our conversation and smiling at the two of us. They think we are two new love birds. My cuckie hubby, of course, is completely unseen. It is almost as if he disappears completely.

Well, he reappears when it’s time to pay for the fun. Then, he pulls out his wallet and pouts while the two of us continue to smile at one another affectionately. Now it’s time to move on to the next store, or maybe just a nice stroll through the mall walking hand and hand.

Cuckie hubby walks behind us pouting about his sad life…

Are you a cuckold?

It would be fun to turn you into one!

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil….)



Cuckold shopping tease from Mistress Simone.

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