How to turn your husband into a cuckold?

Advice from Ms. Simone on how to make your husband a cuckold.

You’re my cuckie!

In my last episode, I explained how easy it was to pick up a new lover when shopping in common places, like a grocery store. Now, if you are feeling a little frisky, you can pick up a man in places that are a little more controversial. For example, go to a busy adult book store with your cuckie and look around at the dildos. Make sure cuckie walks in either before or after you so the two of you do not look like you are together.

Whenever I go to an adult bookstore by myself, every male has eyes on me.

It’s a little creepy sometimes, but always fun. I do this with my sad little sissy husband and he watches all the men looking at me. I enjoy when men look at me thinking constantly of what he could do with me. It tends to excite me. Your little cuckie husband will feel even smaller watching you handling the larger sized dildos and smiling.

Go up to a cute male salesperson and ask what is their best selling dildo?

Make sure you smile brightly at the clerk if he’s attractive. Even if he is not that great, just the fact that you are flirting with him will make your beta male hubby jealous.

Ask the salesperson questions, like how long has he worked there, and if he enjoys his job. Maintain eye contact and smile often. Finally, ask him if he is interested in having coffee sometime. When hunting for a new lover, it’s perfectly fine to do the asking. Women can and should ask men out.

Presto, you now have a date, the hard part – so to speak – is over.

See how easy it was to get your husband to be a cuckold!

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil!)


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