How to find an alpha man to explore your cuckoldress side?

Women always ask me how they can find themselves a strong alpha man once they are already married. Well, I’m married and I have found that, now that I am, it’s MUCH easier to pick up a man. It seems men flirt with me all the time.

They flirt with me in the grocery store.

They fall all over themselves with me in the gym. God, I had a guy almost follow me to the women’s dressing room, he was trying to talk to me so desperately. He was wearing spandex and definitely not my type. I was looking at his endowment, and he was definitely not an alpha male.

The key to finding an alpha male is cock size and self confidence.

Women, stop looking for low esteemed craft projects. Those are the types of guys you might marry, but not the type you would have sex with. For sex, you want a man that knows his worth. You want a man that is proud of his manhood and wants to show it off to you.

An alpha male always uses condoms because, just like you, he loves sex.

An alpha male does not have time for commitment. This is why he looks for married women. He believes in a mutually satisfying sex life and has a huge appetite to please. He is not the two minute guy that leaves you high and dry. An alpha male not only wants to be better in bed then your husband, but treat you better than he does.

Ms. SImone advises on how to explore your cuckoldress side.

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Think of your alpha man like having a spa day.

Every woman should have one occasionally.

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