You know who has a bigger dick than you? Well, pretty much everyone. But right now, I’m talking about my lesbian girlfriend and her strap-on. She has a really huge strap-on cock and your puny dick couldn’t even come close to pleasing me in the way that she does.

You couldn’t please anyone with that tiny dick. And holy crap, I am going to love cuckolding you while she’s fucking Submit to cuckold humiliation Ms. Alexis' with that strap-on. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine how it’s going to make you feel to know that a woman is going to be a better fuck than you are.

Cuckolded by my Lesbian Lover

How do you think it’s going to make you feel when I make you stand up beside her and compare your shrimpy dick to her strap-on cock? It’s one thing to know you have a smaller cock than other men. But to be shown up by a woman is really going to humiliate you and I cannot wait for that. I bet you’ll beg me to not make you do it, but you aren’t getting out of it. It’s a waste of my time to even try.

 Submit to my Brand of Cuckold Humiliation

And after the big (and little) comparison, she’s going to tell me to lie back and spread my legs and she’s going to push that fat strap-on cock inside me while you stand there knowing that I’d prefer that over you any day of the week. It’s so thick and you can see how much it stretches me out. I see you are looking at your pathetic dick and the look on your face says that you know you’d never be able to stretch me out, no matter how hard you try.
Are you ready to be humiliated by my lesbian lover and her big fat strap-on? I’m ready now for our cuckold call.


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