Look, cuck hub. You’ve been doing a wonderful job of keeping my pussy nicely polished after my cuckold bull fucks me, but I think it’s time to expand your skills.

You know I get to decide what goes in your mouth, and so you’ll be sucking my lover’s engorged veiny cock from now on. Oh, I’m sure you’re going to love it!

Yes, yes, being a fluffer is providing a valuable service, but I think being a cuckold fluffer is only the beginning! Your

Ms. Piper wants you to please her cuckold bull.

Let ME take control!

job will be to drain my hot stud’s balls for me before he fucks me.

Oh, don’t worry! My lover gets hard almost immediately after he cums, so your little cuck mouth sucking his balls dry won’t put a damper on the night at all!

In fact, he’ll have even more lasting power if you get that first load out of the way. See, I want to be fucked all night long. I hate having to wait for my sexy bull to, ahem, reload after only a half hour or so.

Besides, sucking my lover’s cock strains my neck. You don’t mind taking that pressure away from your beloved hot wife? I didn’t think so!

And my stud is so easy to please! All you have to do is open your mouth and allow him to shove his dick in as far as it will go. Feel free to gag and cry. He loves that!

And so do I. I love watching you prove your love and devotion to me. It makes me feel so lucky to have a good cucky like you!

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