Impotent Cuckold - An Erotic Story by Mistress SimoneThere once was an impotent cuckold.  

The only problem was, he did not know he was a cuckold.  I hope you enjoy this cuckolding story.  I enjoyed writing it.  Also, thank you to my special sissy, Heather for giving me the idea for it!

Danny was a wealthy man that married with no offspring.  He spent his extra time playing tennis and watching porn.   There was a very attractive lady that always got him hard as a rock.   He loved watching her give really wet, sloppy blow jobs.  She was quite beautiful, like most porn stars, but seeing her covered in semen always got him hard as a rock.

Watching porn was the only time his limp dick got hard.

His poor wife never got laid.  She had a huge dildo collection which he noticed had pieces that were substantially larger then his cock.   He, of course, didn’t care that she masturbated with large dildos, since he could not satisfy her sexually anymore. Occasionally, he would lick her pussy, but even that did not awaken his limp dick.


So, it was time for the annual work party and he, of course, brought his spouse.

He was surprised to see her put on a  short purple dress and dark purple lipstick.   He barely recognized her, since she always wore blue jeans and never wore make up.  He considered telling her it might be too much for his work party, but reconsidered when seeing just how happy she was.

His wife was rarely truly happy in front of him.

He knew he could not please her sexually, so the least he could do was take her out to nice functions.   When they arrived at the party, she seemed quite popular.  The men there commented on how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her.   Some men were even more forward, offering her a back rub while he stood there dumbfounded.

He had never seen his wife so popular with the opposite sex.

That night, she scrubbed off her pile of make up and went fast to sleep.   He, of course, slipped into the basement and downloaded the newest episode of his favorite porn star.   His cock stood straight up in preparation of his new porn video, even while it downloaded.   When he saw the screen however, it was then apparent that he was a cuckold.

He saw his wife’s face with her dark purple, stained lips.

He watched in disbelief as he saw some men from the party unzipping their pants.  He could not tell which cock belonged to which person that he knew from work.   He watched his wife’s eager face suck on each one happily.  He continued to jerk off, watching his wife suck the cocks, even knowing, she was the famous porn star.

After cumming all over himself, Danny cleaned up and tip toed back to bed.  He snuggled up against his breathtaking wife and told her he loved her. She moaned in response and snuggled up against his limp cock.

He then went down on her, eagerly licking her pussy.

He was quite surprised when he noticed that his cock got hard for the second time in the night while licking her salty pussy.  It has been such a long time since he had an erection that he did not care that his wife tasted salty.  He began to sob quietly under the sheets while he licked her creampie, knowing that this would be the only way his cock would ever get an erection.

His wife smiled and both lived happily ever after!

I love cuckold roleplays!!

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil….)


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