Cuckold Fantasies

Admit it. You are here because your wife is bored.  Your small dick and feeble attempts to bring her to orgasm are not worth your wife’s time anymore.  If you cannot please her, the least you can do is watch her be with some Bull who can.  Maybe even participate.  After all, you have always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock.  Now you can please your wife and fulfill your fantasy.  If you are lucky, she will allow you to clean her up afterwards, too! Visit Cuckold Fantasies and explore erotic humiliation with one of our phone sex Mistresses. Here is just a sampling of our Cuckold Role Play Mistresses:

Explore Your Cuckold Fantasies with the Mistresses of LDW


Ms. KayMarie of Mistress of More

“Maybe at first you thought you would feel enraged. How dare she? Yet, you didn’’t, did you? You were turned on. Did you think about her mouth on that big cock? Did you picture her legs spread open with his cock buried deep in her and begging for more? You don’’t want that image out of your head… you want to relive it over and over again.”


Ms. Mandy of Intelligent Phone Fantasies 

“While he is behind Me pounding away I will look over at you and smile and know that you too love every second. Seeing the sheer ecstasy on My face…hearing My primal moans of pleasure is enough to simply drive you over the edge… And knowing this wonderful fact makes My pussy throb even more!”



Ms. Roselyn of Dirty Phone Sex Chat

“I need that big bull in my life. I have to be that hot wife who gets that big piece of dick anytime she needs it.  You know I have them come over while you are at work, and you must know, I screw them on your bed.  I suck their dicks down on my knees under the roof you pay for. You know that and you love it.”



Ms. Sophia of Phone Sex Masturbatrix

“Do you love me? Of course you do, that’s why you know you no longer satisfy my needs as a  vibrant, sexual young woman. You know that I must find someone, or several someones, to satisfy my sexual needs.  You are no longer the man that can do it. Your small, pathetic penis has disappointed me for years, and frankly, I’m sick of it.”



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