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A Whiny Sissy in the Making

You’ve been annoying your wife lately, and quite frankly, she’s had enough of your nonsense. You came home from work today, to find her getting ready for a night out. “Aww, honey, I was hoping we could stay in tonight,” you whine. Your wife turns to you and says, “Oh, I’m going out alright, but you’re not coming with me.” Staring at her, you ask, “But what do you mean?” Letting out an exasperated sigh, she turns to you and says, “You’re a whiny sissy, dearest husband, and I need a big dick to satisfy my sexual needs.”

One Little Dick Sissy Does Not A Big Cock Make

Perhaps you should have thought it through before you told your loving wife that you wanted to be feminized and have her dominate you as a sissy. Your sex life was adequate enough before you ventured down the path of being a sissy wife.  However, your wife started getting ideas after the first time she saw you in a pair of panties. You let her play around with the idea of cuckolding you and small penis humiliation. But you had no idea that she might take the notion and run with it, did you?

Why Get The Six Inch Sub When You Can Go For A Foot Long?

Now to be fair, your dick isn’t THAT small. I did say the sex was sufficient in your marriage, did I not? It’s just that your wife decided, after a night of small penis humiliation role playing with you, that she would buy that realistic looking big, black dildo from the adult shop and try it out. You thought nothing of it as you played together, wearing your pink, sissy frillies, while you watched her ride her new toy, which was just the beginning of your demise as her sexual partner. “I want to be fucked by a big, black cock,” she said, after cumming all over her new dildo. Let’s face it, that’s the last thing you wanted to hear.

A Whiny Sissy: The Final Nail In The Coffin

The weeks have passed with your wife spending more and more time away from home, and the more you whine, the longer she stays out. Do you really think she’s been at her family’s house for the entire past week? Poor little sissy hubby. It’s time for you to come to terms: your wife is out getting plowed by a man with a bigger dick than yours, and who doesn’t wear pink ruffled petticoats. You’re not a man to her anymore, no. You’re just the sissy husband who stays at home, does the chores and waits for his wife to come home from her “hot dates.” And really, do you actually think she’s going to want to fuck you after her lover, with a cock twice the size of yours, just gave her multiple orgasms and fucked her til she couldn’t move anymore? Silly, whiny sissy. You should be happy that wearing dresses and pink panties is all you have to do, and that she didn’t put you in chastity. *smirk*


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