Good Cuckold Husband Made By Ms. CindyCuckold Husband, Prepare For Your Wife To Be Properly Fucked

Emerson once wrote that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I believe he was referring to men like yourself.

You incessantly play with that little thing nearly every waking minute of every day. You know exactly what I’m referring to, of course…your little penis. So what I’m going to do to help ward off any hobgoblins is keep that little thing in a cage from now on. You’re going to wear a locking plastic chastity tube that will prevent you from having an erection or masturbating. No fears.  It should fit your little dicky perfectly. Just remember, one key is for me, and the other will be safely kept by the lover. No need to be concerned.  He does not want your little dicky.

If you are a good cuckold husband and do as you’re told, you might get rewarded with a release from your cage like a little birdie. Release from confinement is all well and good, but you are feeling a bit jealous now that he will be in the same room with your wife. She’s naked, she’s hot and she’s beautiful. And him, he’s standing in front of her with his pants down around his ankles. You notice he is fully erect and significantly larger than you. Are you ready to see your wife get properly fucked? Prepare yourself. Watch her as she is totally his.

Sexy Moans Of Pleasure As He Cums Inside Her

It’s about time you see her get fucked by another man. Hear her soft moans and watch as she loses herself to him and the evolving bliss. He will work as hard as he can to satisfy her. There is much more to cum. He will pull back a little and then it happens.  He cums inside of her. A part of you wants to cry out, but you are too transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of you.

This is the way she likes to be used. On her knees, she goes back to submissively worship his cock. You are going to pay close attention as she sucks him off to make him cum again.

Enjoying Playing With Mr. Little Penis

He slides in and out of her mouth rapidly. She keeps her pouty lips on his big cock but, oops, she can’t take all of it in. She starts to choke slightly as he grows. The feeling is so exciting, it’s hard for you to hold back at this point. Don’t be afraid.  This is how she controls all men.

Remember cuckold husband, you have a little penis. You enjoy playing with that penis. Your penis has a little head on it but is mindless. You are a horny hobgoblin!


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