ass worship

Your ass belongs to me!

You’re my cuckold, and you learned long ago that your little, limp shrimp doesn’t excite me.

You no longer expect me to be responsible for your dickie duty, and your hand has become your best friend and your lover. Hunkered down in the bathroom, you don’t even know I can hear you in there furiously masturbating after cleaning up the cream pie my cuckold bull left you. You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?

That’s why I decided to give you one of your holiday gifts early. Wrapped in shiny silver paper, the long box lay on the bed with a note on it forbidding you to open it.  Not until I get home from getting my tight, slut wife snatch pounded by my sexy boyfriend.

I giggled to myself as I thought about you tearing into that beautiful package and pulling out the long slender glass candy cane I purchased for you with the mint-flavored lube. Oh, what could your sexy wife be planning now?

You wasted no time tearing into your package when I told you it was time. You did seem a little surprised when you pulled out the goodies inside, but then you looked at me and smiled, getting on your knees in front of me.

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