Be Excited and Accept that Your Wife Wants BBC, Cuckold!

Ms. Cindy Wants You on Your Knees

Drop To Your Knees For Ms.Cindy

You’ve thought about it again and again while watching your wife with another man.  You’ve got the perfect cuckold set up.  Remember, it’s important you pay close attention to your wife who quickly drops to her knees and takes his hard cock in her hand.  She strokes it, then bends her head to accept his generous penis into her mouth.

As per your request, she presses against him all night, gyrating up and down on him while screaming in pleasure.  It’s hot, but are you sure you’re ready to be the ideal cuckold husband…continuously watching another man’s dick in your pretty wife’s mouth?  I’m sure you are.  So enjoy the feeling of being humiliated and aroused.

Always Be A Good Cuckold

The idea of your wife stroking the shaft of his fully erect cock while dutifully sucking and licking the head turns you on like nothing else.  Now be a good cuckold and look closely as she takes him deep.  Seems surreal, doesn’t it?  In your wildest dreams you never thought she would agree to such an arrangement.

Pull Out Your Cock And Watch With Excitement

As an obedient cuckold, you will carry out your duties as planned while your cock strains in your pants and a look of bewilderment overcomes you.  No reason to feel disappointment, your wife has been craving a good fuck for some time now.  Just pull out your cock and watch with excitement as her legs part in preparation for his huge cock to fill her slick tunnel.

Be careful to not to look away…you really don’t want to miss any of this.  It’s so fascinating to watch her being penetrated.  Ahhh…how pleasurable, how hot.  By now you have the worst blue balls…they should, however, start feeling better in a week.  No orgasms for you, young man.  If you succumb to temptation, well, then you’ll just have to swallow his load.

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