Cuckold Acceptance, Excitement and BBCMs. Cindy Appreciates Your Cuckold Acceptance

You’ve noticed your wife exchanging explicit emails with her new boyfriend.  These emails are perverse and kinky and now you feel the happy, horny couple are embarrassing you with the frankness of their discussions.  You can’t help getting a chubby knowing your wife is going to submit herself sexually to another man.

Tell me, when she didn’t initiate sex was that not a big red flag for you?  What’s it like being married and going for months without pussy?  No doubt this is when you started to masturbate like a testosterone-laden hound dog with giant balls.

Soon thereafter your wife announces she will be seeking to get knocked up by black men.

Your Wife Enjoys Big Black Cock

Black is beautiful baby…just imagine.  Nubian cum dripping out of your wife’s pussy.  If this doesn’t get you hard you’re without a pulse.  The thought of your wife’s pretty pussy being engulfed by an ebony dick makes you want to cum.  There’s no stopping your wife…you are helpless in this situation.  Soon, she will have a big black cock inside her…rocking back and forth with slow fucking motions.

Sadly, many months will pass and still she will not get any pleasure from her own husband…only from strangers seeking anonymous sex.  Go ahead Gomer…stroke your cock.  Being a cuckold has its advantages!

You’re Excited About Being A Submissive Cuckold

Accept the fact that her lovers are willing to satisfy her needs.  With that understanding, now more than ever, you’re looking forward to being a submissive cuckold.  The embarrassment, the humiliation, the shame, and the seemingly endless depravity is what you deserve as well as earned.

So appreciate the fuck-show your wife provides you with.  Ultimately, you will like the effect young studs have on your modest, demure wife.  So get your head and ass out of the sand.  Why didn’t you know early on in the marriage just how important sex was for her?

She will be very excited to oblige her lovers 3-4 times/week.   It’s finally time she starts to enjoy sex the way a woman should.  So go ahead…don’t stop now…grab your cock and slap that monkey for me.  Soon you’ll enter the land of marathon masturbator sand here, you’ll be king.  And everyone knows it’s good to be the king!

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