Copy of Simone (83)This is a confessional from an accidental cuckold.

My name is Bill and I am a house husband.  I used to have a great job, but I was laid off.  I spent a lot of time trying to get a job afterwards, but the only jobs I seemed to be able to get were low paying ones.  My wife, the lawyer, on the other hand, seemed to only be making  more and more money.  She explained to me that it would be important for me to stay at home.

She no longer had time to cook and clean.

She had an impressive case load and needed to hire a maid for the house.  Well, I guess I ended up being the maid.  I started to watch tv almost constantly.  I had some of my favorite shows and soap operas that I loved while my wife was away.

I also made sure to keep the house absolutely spotless.

Then, my wife started going out of town on business trips.  I wasn’t suspicious as an accidental cuckold.   I just figured it was something that lawyers did that made a lot of money.    The work that she was doing was really hard and I noticed she lost interest in sex completely.   As soon as she got home she wanted to take a long shower to clean off the day.

I used to work full time so I understand getting a little dirty at work.

As an accidental cuckold however, I had no idea that her idea of working overtime was screwing one of the partners in the firm.    I guess she felt this would be a great way for her to have job security.    I found out one day when her briefcase was open and there was an intimate letter from her boss.

At first I was upset, but then after she explained to me the benefits of being an accidental cuckold I realized she was right.  I also realized why she makes a high six figure income.    She is incredible at debating, and of course getting everything she wants, including me sitting at home in a pair of her panties writing this letter to you!

Would you like to be an accidental cuckold?


Demon Mistress Simone

(cause being evil is FUN!)

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