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The thought of your wife with another man makes you not only jealous but turned on.

Does the thought of your wife smiling at another man, flirting with another man, get your heart racing and make the little green monster rear his ugly head? I am talking about jealousy. And, while that little green monster is rearing his ugly head, does your other little head get all excited? I am sure you squirm with delight when you see another man look at your wife with lust in his eyes and she just so happens to smile warmly back at him. You get stiff with excitement – don’t you?

Many cuckolds get turned on by the mental anguish of the knowledge that their wife is not being faithful to them. Many of the cuckolds want to watch – so they can have the visualization of seeing their wife enjoy another man sexually seared into their brain, so they can remember it always. You know you want to store it away for your future wank bank.

The Jealousy Sexually Excites You

Watching the woman you love enjoy the company of another man, laugh at another man’s jokes, flirt with him, snuggle with him, become more intimate with him…. Honestly on a scale of 1-10 how hard is your dick right now, just reading this far?

It’s the watching her relax and enjoy the other man that really blows your mind. That’s not the only thing that wants to blow right now, is it? Tee-hee, seeing her enjoy his body in a way she does not enjoy yours.

Those sexy happy you-are-fucking-me noises, you know, the noises she only makes while he is fucking her and not with you; you can’t get them out of your head and the mental anguish of knowing first-hand how much she enjoyed this other man turns you on. You, my dear, are a cuckie junkie.

I do enjoy a cuckie and all kinds of cuckold fantasies,

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