So are you ready to toughen up and learn the truth? Well honey have a seat. I have a few things I want to tell you.

The first thing, babe, is that you have a little dick that does not and never has satisfied me. I have faked it for years to make you think that you are a man. But I can’t do it anymore and you will just have to get use to it. I need a real man with a real dick that I can feel inside of me. That scrawny thing of yours can barely penetrate me!

So this is how it is going to go, and trust me, it will be my way or the highway. First you need to know that I have already been having sex with another man and coming home with my panties and pussy full of his cum. Do you remember last Friday when I came home late and you wanted to have sex? Well babe that was another man’s hot cum you licked out of me. I remember you thinking that you had made me extra excited and wet hahaha that will be the day!

So what I’m telling you is that I will not hide it anymore, I will be bringing my lovers home at night. You can lock yourself in the room and feel sorry for yourself, you can sit on the couch and watch us, or you can get down on the floor and join us. To be honest babe I hope that you join in. I need a little fluffer to get his cock nice and hard for me while I have a glass of wine and rest. I know that you can do that and that you will do a good job for me, right?

Then after he pounds my tight hot little box and blows his load inside of me you, my dear, get to have me sit on your face so that you can clean me up. So you see babe this can go in many directions and there might just come a time when I have you wear panties and pull them to the side….if you know what I mean.

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