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I recently discovered that Ms. Piper loves small penises–but not for the reasons I had hoped.

I called her up and asked if she liked small penises, hoping she’d say yes. See, all my life I’ve been too embarrassed to show women my penis. I married the first woman who ever saw it (she was as inexperienced as I was) and figured I’d never again have to go through that anxiety of showing my small penis to a woman for the first time ever again.

I knew I was much smaller than most men; I had checked them out enough in the locker rooms on my way to hiding out in a stall.

I was relieved when my wife-to-be saw my small penis and didn’t act strange. She didn’t know any different, and I loved her for that!

I began to get a funny feeling, however, after we had been married a few years. It was almost like someone filled her in on the realities of what her husband had between his legs. She became distant and didn’t want to have sex as often as before. I got paranoid and began sneaking around and spying on her. Unfortunately, one day my worst fears were confirmed.

I found a picture on her cell phone of an enormous bull penis some guy had texted her. It had a huge drop of precum on the tip.

I called Ms. Piper to ask if she was a size queen, or whether she liked small penises. I think I fell in love with her a little bit when she said she loved small penises.

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Ms. Piper LOVES little nubbins!

Of course, my hopes were dashed when I heard the soft laugh. I knew that teasing little mocking giggle meant she didn’t love them in that way–the way I had been hoping.

She said she adored small dicks, and there was nothing she liked more than teasing a small cock.

I confessed my fears that my wife was cuckolding me. To my horror, she assured me that if my wife had kept the picture on her cell phone, it was because she was, indeed, fucking that guy. She asked if my small penis got hard when she told me that. I confessed that it had.

She told me to masturbate my “little nubbin” (those were her exact words) and she made me admit I had imagined that gigantic dick stretching my wife’s tight little cunt out.

My little nubbin squirted all over the place when she told me that guy had fucked my wife bareback and she came home with cum soaking her panties.

With dread I realized that I was becoming addicted to cuckold small penis humiliation.


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