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I have a good number of callers who beg me and want to be part of a cuckolding fantasy.  Sometimes we involve Jack, and he gets to be the Bull, and I role-play as your hot wife or cheating girlfriend, and my Bull fucks me while you watch.  Sometimes, after we’re all done, and I’ve had about 20 orgasms and you’ve cleaned up that delicious cream pie, you tell me how you wish you could do that for real with your partner.  Some you have actually gone ahead and are living the fantasy.  But why do you want to be a cuckold?

Is It Because Of Your Small Penis?

That’s it, isn’t it?  I know how much porn you watch, and you know you’ve got a pindick.  You just hope your wife never finds your porn stash – or starts watching on her own, because then she’ll know just how you’ve been shortchanging her all these years!  Of course, for many of you living the fantasy, that’s what happened, isn’t it?  She saw a porn video and realized that your micro-penis was not “average” and she wanted to experience a big cock filling her.  And once she had it once, well, there was no going back, was there?

Or Is It A Sexual Issue

If you really do have an average size cock, maybe she’s happy with the size, but not what you do with it.  Are you a little quick on the trigger – a minute man?  She never gets off, because let’s face it, seven strokes before you blow probably isn’t even getting her wet!  Or is it that she’s just…well, let’s be honest, a nympho?  She needs more cock than you could ever provide, more pleasure, more orgasms, and she just needs it wherever she can find it!  Sooner or later, your dick is going to go soft, and then she just has to go out and find more thick throbbing dick to fill her holes, doesn’t she?

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