Cuckold branding by Mistress Constance You want to show your devotion to your cuckoldress and you want to ensure that every woman who ever sees you naked knows that you are a cuckold….here is something you can do

Become hers forever

You want to be her cuckold for life and want to ensure that no woman ever sees you as a real man but instead as a cuckold. Discuss with your Mistress your feelings and ask about being branded as hers. Not only will she be proud of you but she will also discuss her concerns and hear yours.

Picking the right brand

Depending on your home life you can come up with something fitting and a constant reminder that you are a cuckold. Here are some things you can have branded on you….your mistresses name property of ________. Cuckold for life….denied pussy. Now if you have to keep it less conspicuous how about her initials or a symbol of your devotion like a small pad lock and key or just her initials. These are just a few ideas

Think before you ink

This is not something that is done on a whim or because it seems hot and makes you horny. You must think this through long and hard before marking your body permanently and it is very important to discuss any permanent body changes with your Mistress. Once you have thought it through clearly and are sure you want to do this….go for it! I bet it will be one of the most intense and life altering things you have ever done as a cuckold man.

Ask me for advice

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from me or your Mistress when it comes to doing this. I am happy to help you make a safe and sane decision and explore all avenues of showing your devotion that perhaps are less permanent.

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