Gia (108)Today Mr Cali called me for one of our sessions, but today was very intense like never before.

It started like always, where we catch up with each other, wanting to know if he was still battling with his unwanted sissy desires. Which he confessed he was. He did mentioned that it is getting harder and harder for him to fight off his dark fantasies.

Today I decided to push his limits a bit more. You have to know before hand that, Mr Cali has been in chastity for the last month and he is very much frustrated and at this point would do anything for some release. This is the longest he has gone without a release.

Today Mr Cali proved his true devotion to me, he even recited my Devotion Pledge. I was so proud when he did that. He truly has followed all my Ten Commandments. I have now begun his complete transformation. Today I taught him my sissy breast enhancement trick.

After all that, I proceeded to tease him while I was queening him and telling him how he will never ever fuck me again. How he was only to be yet another of my generous cuckolds. Of course, using his obsession with BBC against him, I brought Mr Cali to tears.

Mr Cali is very much ashamed of his dark secret desires and needs to be punished for having lewd thoughts. He is suppose to be the man, but his lack of penis has prevented him from being the man I need him to be. So, now he has to settle to have me only as long as he is my personal cream pie clean up sissy.

He has to suffer while I share with him all my sexy hot encounters with big black bulls. Mr Cali loves to know more about the bull that has recently gotten to fuck me, as you can imagine he likes a little background information about the cum he is eating out of me.

Detail is key, in our sessions. Too bad that the actual key to his cock cage hangs between my succulent breasts that I get to flaunt while I hover over his face. I truly enjoy seeing his ache and pain on his face. I live for that!

I love to emasculate him, by reminding him that I love to get fucked by all those bulls. I explain to him that it is his own fault for not having a decent size cock. I convince him that it is all his fault, and that is the reason why wearing a chastity device under his sexy sissy panties is the only appropriate thing to do. The only pleasure he gets is when he gets to taste a real man’s cum in and around my sweet holes.

My favorite part is when I make him repeat over and over again that he understand why he is not allowed to penetrate me EVER! It is full ecstasy for me, when I hear him apologize for not being a man for me… for us!

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