cuckoldphonesexcallscuckoldcheatingDear Cuckie

Have you ever wondered what a cuckold Princess thinks about her cuckie?

If you are wondering! Great! This letter is for you!!!!

Dear Cuckie,

I do adore my cuckies. Yes, some of you are little dick losers; not all of you. And, honestly– cuckie- it doesn’t matter what size your dick is – we both know somehow you feel inadequate and know that someone else is needed to give me the pleasure that I most deserve. Sometimes you just love watching someone else make love to your Princess. This is one of the reasons that I adore you. You crave my pleasure almost, if not sometimes more, than I DO.

Being a cuckold is not always about clean up duty or cream pie.

You just want me to feel such pleasure because you adore me so much! It makes your cuckold heart so happy knowing that I am being taken care of in a way that you might not be able to do for whatever the reason is, you put my sexual needs and desires above your own. This of course pleases me.

So, my dear sweet cuckie, please understand, no matter what kind of cuckie you are; if you are a service cuckie, a sissy cuckold, or something else . . .

I appreciate you. I do. Because whether you are watching me with my hot stud lover, handcuffed and gagged in the closet; outside the door listening in, wishing that you could watch, or perhaps you are home alone, while I am out having fun with my sexy bull,  you are waiting for me to bring you a fresh cuckold cream pie. However I cuckold you, I want you to know that there is something very sexy about knowing that my pleasure, with another man, is turning you on as well. I love sharing all the dirty details with you. That is if you can handle it. Sometimes… well, you know *wink*- sometimes you just know that I am content and I have that naughty smirk on my face because I just had one incredible orgasm after another…*Without you*


Your Cuckold Princess Andi

Are you a cuckie? What kind of cuckie do you consider yourself to be? Did you identify with anything that I had to say? What is it about a sexy Cuckold Princess that you enjoy the most? I look forward to hearing your thoughts feel free to add to the discussion in the comment section. I will keep an eye out for them and respond! Thank you

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