Ms Constance's Cream Pie Loving CuckoldThere is a very special cuckold of mine. He is mindful of my needs and desires and is more than willing to be the perfect cuckold in any way I need him to be.

As some cuckolds do, my cuck loves licking another man’s cum from my pussy and since he is such a good cuckie he gets that privilege very often.

I like to mix things up and have him clean my pussy in different positions and I am sure some of these will spark a little cuckold boner in some of your pants hehehehe

Feeding it to him by having him lay on his back and straddling his face not sitting my cream pie filled pussy down on his tongue or face but more straddling his face watching his eyes widen as those first few drips of white creamy cum slip out and into his mouth.

Bending over and having him lick that cream pie from behind out of my pussy is always a favorite of mine. This has him on his knees and my sexy ass in his face and when I bend over exposing the juicy cream pie to him he can bury his tongue in my pussy while having his face firmly against my ass!

This one is a great one. I like to have him underneath me while I am on all fours being fucked by a nice big cock. He licks my pussy and my lover’s cock as we fuck and when my lover shoots that huge load of cum deep inside me my cuckold is right there in the perfect position to eat that juicy cream pie.

He waits till that cock is all the way out of my pussy and then eagerly gobbles up that cum as it slips out. And to finish that cream pie clean up job I always delight him by sitting directly on his face covering him in freshly fucked pussy and cum.

If you have cuckold fantasies and love the idea of eating a juicy cream pie we really must talk…the sooner the better cuckie!


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