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Want a lick?

A cuckold’s job is to do as his mistress demands, and all of my cuckolds clean up cum.

I’m not saying that every cuckold in my possession wanted to eat cum of their own accord, but every single one of them has been trained to eat cum. As a mistress, I do so love to suck my bull boyfriends’ cocks, but I do not under any circumstances allow them to cum in my mouth. That’s what my cuckold bitch is for! Another word for “cuckold mouth” is “cum dumpster,” as far as I’m concerned.

The first cum a cuckold eats is his own cum, but eventually he will move on to eating other men’s cum as well.

Does this mean you’ll become a cuckold cocksucker? Chances are it does, but not before you’re ready. In the meantime, there is plenty of cum dripping out of my sopping wet, just-fucked, pussy to lap up. If you’re going to have the discipline to bury your face in a cunt creamed in sloppy seconds, then you’ll need to have the discipline to eat your own cum. You need to practice.

Keep your eyes closed and try not to obsess over the fact you’re eating your own cum.

No, it’s not cheating if it helps you become a better cum eater. Close your eyes and get your mind off what you’re about to do. Eventually, you’ll get used to it, and the sound of your mistress approval will fuel your determination to eat cum. Don’t be shy; ask for help if you’re stuck. Whatever you do, do NOT merely pretend to clean up your mess! Being honest with yourself as well as your mistress is the only way to conquer your cum eating nervousness.

Of course, if you need support, your coached cum eating Mistress is always here for you!

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