MarlenaCuckolds come in all varieties.

There are various flavors when it comes to cuckoldry. Some cuckolds favor the scathing humiliation of being demeaned for their inadequacies, and others enjoy a more sensual and voyeuristic angle to their play. Whatever your reasons for being a cuckold are, one thing is clear: being a good cuckold is critically important. Your woman’s needs and desires come first and foremost, and all of your behaviors should complement the notion that your girl gets what she wants.

Which duties do you fulfill?

The cuckold fetish is no doubt a laborious one. The tasks of a cuckold vary from relationship to relationship, but the common thread is servitude. A good cuckold razes his ego and presents himself as a tool for the satisfaction of his Goddess. In some cases, this includes traditional, sexual cuckold responsibilities such as fluffing the bull, preparing your wife, and cleaning up the cuckold creampie. However, many cuckolds’ roles extend far beyond the scope of the bedroom. Cuckold slaves often have to contend with long lists of tedious house chores. However you serve, do it well. After all, what else are you good for?

What would make you better?

Every cuckold should strive to outdo himself. If you already do the chores, complete them faster. If you already humiliate yourself in front of the bull, buy yourself a more embarrassing outfit to wear. Even the most impressive cuckold sluts can up the ante. Your cuckold humiliation is an ongoing process, so do not dare to grow complacent.

So tell me, what makes you a good cuckold? And what will make you better?

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