Marlena5Your wife gets to have all the fun.

You’re alone at home with little more than a raging hard-on and a list of chores, and your horny wife is out with her date. She’s likely getting fucked harder, deeper, and faster than she’s even gotten it before, and you? You’re just counting down the minutes until she returns. In true cuckold fashion, your mind runs wild all evening. Every hour, you glance at the clock, wondering when she’ll finally be home. Eventually, you fall asleep feeling denied, frustrated, horny, and jealous.

But this time, she brought you back a gift.

She knew you were anxiously awaiting her return, so she wanted to reward you for obedience and devotion. Your heart sped up when you read the text that said, “I’m bringing home a special surprise for you.” And now that’s she’s home, you get to enjoy the gift she brought you: a soaked, cum-stained pair of panties.

It’s yours to play with.

She tosses them in your lap and heads to the shower to clean up. Before she leaves, she turns over her shoulder and tells you, “You may play with them however you want, but you may not cum.” It doesn’t take long for you to begin sniffing and licking them, does it? It’s the closest you’ll ever come to your wife’s pussy again, and you know you deserve the humiliation of tongue-washing her cum-soaked panties. Next time, maybe she’ll bring home the sexy stockings she wore for her date.

What kind of souvenir do you want?

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