A cuckold’s duties  by Mistress ConstanceI love to cuckold a man and there are certain things I expect from anyone who wishes to become my cuckold. Here are few things I expect:

Pre date prep

As my cuckold you must prepare me for my real man, this will include not only shaving me and dressing me but providing me with the sexy outfit I am to wear out with a real man. From the lingerie under the sexy outfit to all the accessories from jewelry to perfume…as a cuckold you must provide me with all of this and prepare me for my man.

The date

My cuckold will make the reservations and of course pay for the entire night with my real man from cocktails to dessert everything is handled by my cuckie. My cuck will also provide and prepare the entertainment for the night from movies to a Broadway play. cuckie is the one who must set this all up and pay for everything.

When I return

This is where my cuckold can make such a great impression on me. From the time my date and I return, my cuckold should be naked and ready to serve. First by providing a drink, second by preparing the bedroom such as lighting candles to fresh sheets and any sexual aides I may need from lube to vibrators. It should all be ready and waiting for me.

The sex

Once the evening moves to the bedroom my cuckold will be ready to undress me for my lover and even undress my lover for me. He will be willing to be my cock sucking fluffer and of course lick my pussy to prepare it for that huge cock. Once the sex begins with a real man my cuck will wait on his knees until he is called upon and he WILL be ready to serve in any way needed…from licking my lovers balls to sucking on my clit.

My cuckolds reward

Once I am finished with my lover my cuckold can expect the reward of clean up duty. First cleaning my lovers cock of all pussy juice and cum and then cleaning my cum filled pussy. Now I ask you, what better reward for a cuckold is there than a nice juicy cream pie at the end of a night of service to his Mistress

Do you have what it takes?

Now that you have read what I feel a cuckold’s duties should be are you ready to serve me and my lovers? Would you like to have a hot cuckold phone sex session and have me describe a night of passion and your service to me? I know the answer is yes so what are you waiting for….pick up that phone!

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