MarlenaClean up is an important cuckold job…

As a cuckold, one of your key duties is clean up. The cuckold cream pie is an integral part of the cuckold experience, and it can be the most embarrassing! Licking up a cuckold cream pie is as much a humiliating punishment as it is a great privilege. You’re going to be doing a lot of clean up, so it’s in your best interest to do it thoroughly and correctly.

Practice makes perfect…

And in this case, practice always makes you messy. As a cuckolded husband or boyfriend, you might be ordered to clean up your girl’s freshly fucked pussy. So, you better get accustomed to the taste and feel of cum on your tongue! Fortunately for you, you’ve got all the right tools to practice for the job! This cuckold humiliation assignment is all about learning how to lick, clean, and swallow a load of thick, white cream!

Begin your cum-eating training…

Your cum-eating cuckold training begins with your own cum. If you’ve never tasted another man’s load, eating your own cum can be excellent way to satisfy that craving and experience cum-eating humiliation. The next time you cum, you’re going to collect your whole load in your palm so that you can taste and swallow every last drop! If you really want to simulate the cuckold cream pie experience, cum into the crotch of your lady’s panties before licking it up. You can pretend she pulled her dirty, sticky panties out of her purse when she got home and threw them in your face to clean up! Once you’ve done it, tell me how it went. I love hearing about your messy, embarrassing cum-eating adventures!

Start licking, boys! That mess won’t clean itself.

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