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Hey there cuck, is she out right now? Are there thoughts of a magnificent cock pleasing her delicious pussy running through your denied mind? Your teeny weeny, locked up and bouncing around in the panties she put you in before she went out on her date.

It’s For Him Not You

Remember that cuckie , she doesn’t want that dicklett of yours trying to penetrate her anymore! Why would she settle for less, when there are many cocks out there that are up to her pussy pleasing standards. Can’t blame her for that , now can you? The wonderful thing  is that you absolutely do not! You are such a caring cuckie and want her to become riddled with the ecstasy you cannot give her. It’s a beautiful thing really.

You Have Her Heart

He has her body, very simple.You are there to take care of cleaning, hand washing her just been fucked in panties and lingerie. You love it too. With every scent of sex, it has quite the effect on you…turning you on cuck. You can totally envision her bent over and that thick, pussy pleasing cock sliding into her sweet sex. The way she rocks back and forth onto him, begging him to fuck her harder..deeper! Make her feel like a real woman, as her body trembles in crazy hot ecstasy. You want that for your cuckoldress, so you stay and make her homecoming perfect.

Her Arrival

You meet her at the door, in your panties and locked up cock. She is glowing and also exhausted, you guide her back to the candle lit bedroom. Helping her into bed, taking off her clothes, you see how swollen her clit still is  and you smell him all over her. Like a good cuckie, you massage her body as you work your way down to her pussy. Your main event of the night, you lick and lap that pussy clean of all that cum! Hers and his mixed , giving you the treat you’ve been anxiously waiting for…your creampie.

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