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If you love someone, set them free.” That is how the saying goes; at least the version I like.  I think it best applies to this situation of confirmed cuckoldry. You are a cuckold, aren’t you? If not, I bet you’d like to be. Why else would you be developing quite the hard-on as you read this? I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind many times. You simply need that little push to act on it.

Even the best cuckolds need encouragement…

It’s a big step, introducing the idea of becoming a slutwife to your partner, but you’ve considered this for so long that you know you’re sure about it. She might not understand your desires at first, but if you make it as appealing as possible, she may just start to see it your way.

A cuckold isn’t always motivated by his fantasies. A good deal of the time they are so desirous of seeing their hotwives achieve ultimate pleasure, that they are willing to step aside and let a real man take care of business if that is what it means to keep her happy.

Little-dicked cuckold reality check…

If you’re serious about cuckolding, chances are you have a small penis. And even if you’re not into small-penis humiliation, there’s probably another good reason for sharing what’s yours. I’m willing to bet you’re something of a pre-mature ejaculator. That sort of thing tends to not be popular with the ladies.

A woman would much rather have an hours-long romp with a well-hung bullstud, than just a few minutes with an inadequate lover, even if his heart is in the right place. The disappointment on her face will tell you whether it’s time for you to become a cuckold and take up the horns, or settle for the fact that she’s probably being taken care of on the side anyway. At least one way you get to participate. The choice is yours.

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