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Cuckold humiliation is a potent and dangerous drug. You’ll never shake the addiction.

You hear a car in the driveway, and you anxiously pull up your pants. You’ve been jerking off your pathetic cock since your slut wife left to go out with her boyfriend.

You wait for her to breeze back into the house.

Then you wait some more.

You hear her giggle and realize she’s out there with him. You sneak to the window to watch, your mouth going dry.

The light above the garage illuminates them and you see her throw her head back while he kisses down her neck. He forces his hand down the front of her blouse and you catch a glimpse of her puckered nipple before his lips follow his hand.

He lays back against the seat of the car and your beautiful wife’s head disappears from view. He licks his lips and puffs out his chest. He’s saying something you can’t hear, then his jaw sets and his entire body tenses. Then he relaxes.

Your wife raises her head from his lap, daintily wiping her mouth with her fingertips. She licks what you are convinced is his cuckold bull dick cum from her lips.

You realize you’ve been furiously beating off the entire time you watched them. Your hand is full of your own cum.

In an act of desperate perversity, you lick your palm clean. You’ve reached a new low, but you’ve never been more addicted to her in your life.

How in fuck did you get here?

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