Ms Marlena's cuckoldWe all have our place…

And unfortunately, yours is all alone at home. Meanwhile, I am out with my hot, young, well-hung stud of a boyfriend, and we’re having a good laugh at your expense. I know your mind must run wild with jealousy every time I’m out, and for good reason! He gets to run his hands up and down my long, shapely stockinged legs while you stay at home completing your long list of chores. I’m sure it gets rather lonely being a pathetic little cuck, stuck at home all night long.

So maybe my panties can keep you company…

The next time my boyfriend fills me with his thick cum, I won’t order you to hand wash those panties. No, instead, I have another use for them. You’re going to hold on closely to those panties, and you’re going to pull them out every time I’m on a date. I know your little dicklette tingles with excitement when you imagine what I must be doing, so the next time I’m out and you have my permission to stroke, you’re going to use my panties.

I love stroking humiliation.

If I am not there to verbally humiliate you myself, my cum-soaked panties will do the trick. As you’re stroking up and down that sad excuse for a cock, you’re going to focus on one thing: me getting fucked by a real man. I want that thought fresh on your mind as you feel the silky satin of my panties glide up and down your cock.

And don’t forget to be thankful, my cuck! You could have gotten nothing at all.

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