What are the benefits of being a married woman?

So many guys, so little time!

So many guys, so little time!

Well, any married person will tell you that there are many. I am still considered a newlywed as I got married in Febuary this year. I have been poly the last twelve years on and off. So, being with multiple guys has not been a new thing for Me. I am very happy to say, though, that next week I will be adding to My cuckold adventures.

I’m going on birth control!

I’m actually going to get it inserted inside of Me so that way I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant for the next FIVE years. I’ve always loved the concept of the creampie. However, the actuality of it has been a completely different subject. I don’t have any kids and don’t want any. I  have always had the fantasy of a guy licking out another man’s creampie out of Me.

Um, I have a Husband and a sissy that live with Me!

This means My husband can have sex with Me and we will no longer be using condoms. I no longer will have to worry, which is truly exciting for Me. I love that Gordon will be able to cum deep inside of Me. I also love that in a week and a half, anthony will be able to clean up his mess. I will finally be able to do the thing that I have always fantasized about. I wonder how many things you have thought about in depth that you never have actually done.

Do you dream of sucking a cock for your wife?

Do you also wish you could lick out your wife or girlfriend after another man?

Send email to Me at Simone@enchantrixempire.com or call Me and tell Me all about it!

Hope to hear from you soon!




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