The Cuck Left With His Hotwife

What happens when your hot wife’s lover and his big, black cock leaves? It doesn’t matter what kind of cuck you are – the full service cuck who’s fluffed that Bull and then cleaned the creampie from your well fucked wife, the voyeur cuck who has sat, hidden in the closet , while he banged her senseless, or the cuck who sits in the other room, listening to her screams of ecstasy while they defile your marital bed.

I’ll bet it’s kind of awkward, isn’t it?

He Leaves, And You Clean Up

Maybe you’ve already cleaned up – licking his cock and her pussy clean, savoring that stud’s jizz. After he’s left though, you go back to that bedroom, and there she is, sprawled out on the bed, completely spent and totally fucked out. What do you do now? Her pussy is probably so stretched out from that massive tool he has that even if yours wasn’t a small pindick, she’d never feel it inside of her. Maybe you’re locked up, your dicklet in a chastity cage, so it can’t be used anyway.

The Smell Of Sex

His scent is all over her. The musk of a real man. You can smell her own musk thick in the air, he had her so wet. As you settle her into bed for the night, she asks you for a kiss, and you can smell and taste the cum on her breath – or maybe you’re just tasting it still on yours! Then you slide into bed, spooning against her warm, naked ass. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to being inside of her, isn’t it cuckie?

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