Ms RayneSo there you were.  Floating through your mundane life.  With your girlfriend or wife.  Doing your very best, but knowing in your heart of hearts that you weren’t man enough to satisfy her.  You could spend all the money in the world.  And spend all the time you wanted on your knees.  But you just didn’t have the equipment and attitude to give her what she needs.  You often wondered why she even stayed around.  But not half as much as you wondered where she disappeared to on those late nights she left you alone.  Then one day, there it was.  Staring you in the face.  The truth.  And the dream you never knew you had came true.

So how did it happen?  Did she stumble in one early morning dressed oh so sexy.  Tired of making excuses and just order you to your knees.  Caught off guard by her saucy new demeanor, you did as told.  And when she placed her come fuck me heels on your shoulders, you saw there were no panties under that tiny little skirt.  When she grabbed the back of your head and pushed your face into her, you tasted it.  The evidence.  The proof that she had been with another man.  But rather than protest, you greedily ate up the traces he left behind.  Not in an attempt to make the incident disappear.  But with hopes of taking it in and making it more real.  And as she spilled all the salacious details of the night and made the comparisons between his massive member and your disappointing prick you exploded in your boxers.  When she advised you that she would be taking lovers on a regular basis and didn’t want to sneak around to do it anymore, you didn’t bother to put up any fight did you?

Or did you catch her in the act one afternoon coming home early from work.  Wandering into your bedroom,  you saw her sitting on the edge of the bed in front of two well hung studs.  A cock in each hand.  Standing stunned, you could hardly believe your ears when she said “Oh, honey, you’re just in time to help me with these”.  She explains she had found your stash of cocksucker porn so time for you two to stop keeping secrets.  She orders you to get undressed and help her with getting the cocks hard and ready to fuck her.  So you eagerly take on your new role of fluffer and cuckold husband.

No matter your entry into your new lifestyle as a subservient slave boy worthy only to worship, please, and be denied, surely now you have settled in and learned to relish your role.

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