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Do you feel as though you are not the sexual dynamo in the bedroom that your partner would like you to be? Has your wife or girlfriend hinted or even outrightly stated that she feels dissatisfied with your sex life and you’re just not fulfilling her needs? Do either or both of you feel that you have a small dick that just cannot get the job done? Is your partner coming home late frequently or enjoying too many nights out with the girls? Is she refusing your sexual advances with increased frequency or allowing you only to go down on her (especially after a “girls’ night)? If so, you may be a prime candidate for being -or already be!- a cuckold!

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What Are the Duties of a Cuck?

There Are Cuckolds Who Listen

It is really very simple: The dedicated cuckold does what his partner indicates and expects he should do and lose the word “no” from his vocabulary. Some women like to keep their cuck guessing by venturing out on her own, then depriving her cuckolded man any details as to with whom she has been, where she has been or what she has been doing. Other women enjoy leaving their cuckold at home and then returning to describe to him every tiny detail of her “outing”.

There Are Cuckolds Who Watch and/or Help

Then there are cucks who are allowed to listen from a crack in the door or the hallway, sit naked (or in sissy panties!) in the corner and merely watch the action, assist in guiding a hard cock to where it belongs, and/or be the clean-up boy afterward. My personal favorites are those meek little cuckolds who perform fluffing duties, dropping to their knees to work a cock into a hardened and horny frenzy with their mouths. A cuck’s duties are many and varied, the specifics of which are without a doubt to be determined by the female partner and her desires.

What Are Cuckolding No-Nos?

Again, the cuckold learns immediately that the word “no” is disallowed. He is to be directed solely by female desires and do precisely as he is told, contending with and keeping quiet about any humiliation he experiences. He should never whine about or bemoan his position, regardless of how he arrived there. He should not recoil in shock when his partner tells him about what another cock has done for her or expects him to see for himself how the cock of her choice makes her respond passionately, enthusiastically, and with wild abandon. The truly well-behaved and obedient cuckold does not fear touching, sucking or cleaning the cock that has pleasured his partner should she decide he is to be a hands-on -or mouth-on- cuck. The committed cuck has no fear of cum, whether it be from a cock or his partner’s pussy. Finally, the model cuckold does not forget to be grateful to any man who brings his partner immense pleasure and multiple orgasms.

It’s not an easy job being a cuckold, but someone’s got to do it!

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