What better way for a wife or Mistress to demonstrate to a cuckie his proper place than to deny and cuckold him on that most special day of the year? Yes, imagine on a day that millions of men and women will be reveling in an evening of candlelight dinners, chocolates, lingerie and mind blowing sex you, as my submissive, will spend the 14th denied and in chastity. Not only will you NOT get to make love on Valentine’s Day like any real man would, you will also be giving up the right to even have an erection! You will do all this just to enhance your Mistress’ pleasure, because I do so love to know how much you’re aching for me!

It’s not all bad news cuckie. As my owned cuckold you will get the pleasure of going out and buying me something sexy for my lover to enjoy me in on lover’s day. I may let you bathe me, shave me and dress me for my date. You will be privileged to feel truly owned as I snap shut the lock on your chastity device before I leave. Later that evening, if you’re a good cuck, you will get to be present when we return. You will be naked and collared. You will throb in your cage as my man’s large hands drift over my body, eagerly sliding off that same lingerie which you selected for us. You will kneel by my bed as he slides his long thick cock, inch by inch, into the pussy you long for but are forever denied!

Of course, when my lover and I have both climaxed, over and over, it’ will be time for your clean up and fluffing duties to begin my little cuck! And maybe, just maybe, if you’re a very good denied cuckold cumslut, I may let you get a reward of your own.

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