Femdom Mistress AlexisServing under a dominant Mistress is quite a dream come true for you, isn’t it? We both know this is the only way a beautiful Goddess will keep your pathetic ass around. Today, however, will be a treat for you because I will be asking your input on something. You see we are going to go out.

I, of course, will be dressed beautifully in my tight skirt which accentuates my curves oh so nicely and a lovely pair of knee high boots which you are aching to lick I’m sure. Then, a lovely sweater since it’s winter, but a bit on the tighter side to show off my triple-D breasts. Why are we going out? Well that’s easy, silly. It’s cuckold-bull hunting season of course!

What’s the best way to attract a bullstud?

So here’s the plan: We go to one of the fanciest bars and sip on some of the finest drinks your money can buy. We watch while delicious men, real men, walk by and introduce themselves to me. I strike up a conversation while you fetch us drinks, which you are only so happy to do. All the while you’re collecting numbers I’ve acquired throughout the night. Now, my darling cuckold pet, which one do you think we should pick to please your Mistress, your big-breasted slut wife? Are you sure that’s the one? Perhaps I should have you take him to the bathroom stall and make sure he’s big enough.

When you’re a cuckold, your opinion means nothing…

Once I decide which man I want, you drive us home. We’re in the backseat making out all hot and heavy while I make sure you take the long way, catching you in the act of trying to take a peek in the rear view mirror, you wicked thing. Once at the house, we head immediately upstairs and have you sit in your cuckold chair and watch as your Goddess is pleased by her new man-toy.

You want sooooo badly to be able to make me moan like this, but we both know you could never ever please me this way. After a few minutes of hard pumping I am going to give you a treat. I’m going to allow you to taste your Goddess. Oh, but you won’t be licking my pussy, you will be tasting my juices via the hard shaft that has been deep inside of me.

Do cuckolds really enjoy sucking cock?

Mmmmm, you look like you’re enjoying yourself a bit too much. In fact, that’s about the time when I would push you down and look you straight in your eyes as my lover takes me from behind. I’m just dying to tell you all about how much pleasure he gives that you will never ever be able to bring me. I bet you can’t wait to hear it.

Can you?

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