Ms KayleePick Your Poison Cuck

That’s just how it is now. You’re my cuckold, and it’s time you get used to the way things are going to go. So you can either watch and possibly participate, when needed, or take your useless ass downstairs and wait. Either way, I will enjoy that big beautiful cock! You would be lucky to witness such a hot moment between a sexy woman and well-hung stud.

If You Decide to Watch

You get to be apart of it all. Bathing , washing my hair, shaving my legs and other fun and naughty places. I’m sure that will drive those hormones of yours wild. So you will need to remember..this is NOT for you, it’s for him! I will let you look at my naked body throughout the process of getting ready, but only touching me to assist. That’s it! But then when that moment arises, and he is ravishing my body, you will be in the perfect position for the best view. Underneath us, watching him sliding in and out of me. You may even get to suck him in the beginning , and either lick my juice off his cock in the end. OR you could lick my pussy clean. Once the hot Bull and I have been thoroughly satisfied, you can pump that cock hard. Exploding to all the images running through your mind, of what you were allowed to witness.

On the Other Hand

If you don’t think you can handle watching another man make me feel things that you can’t, that’s fine too. You can still help get me ready for him. But with limits, like NOT seeing my naked , sexy body. You help pick out my outfit, and listen to my excitement in what I’m about to do with him. Once he arrives, you are to stay in the living room until we are finished. You will hear that wild, passionate sexcapade going on just in the other room. Left to only picture it in your mind, stroking away, by yourself. So which will you choose cuckie??

Kisses and Spanks,

Mistress Kaylee

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