Ms AngelicaHave you made your new year’s resolution to be a cuckold this year? If you haven’t and it’s been a fantasy of yours, it’s time that you start making the steps to try!  It depends of course, on what level of cuckold you are. Are you a beginner? Are you a seasoned cuckold, but need to make your cuckold relationship more hot?

If you are a beginner and you are ready to make that first step into the life of a cuckold – then it’s time to discuss this with your wife or girlfriend about your fetish. That is, if you feel comfortable with her and you think she might be open minded to the possibility of having sex with another guy in front of you. If you think she might have opposition to your fetish, and would not understand, than perhaps it’s best to stick with fantasy. However, get the talk out of the way and bring it up in a way that is loving, sexy and gives her the power to choose what she is comfortable with.

After you have the big talk out of the way, the rest can be relatively easy depending on if you already have someone in mind who is going to give your lady sexual bliss. If you do not, there are a variety of ways to meet people who would be open to the experience. Going out on the town and hitting up a variety of busy nightclubs or bars may be a great way to meet the man of your woman’s dreams. It could all be as simple as paying attention to social cues of your friends – perhaps your neighbor or your friend, Mike, has been hitting on your wife for ages. Maybe asking him if he is open to such an adventure would make your fantasy come true!

Once you have set a date, then decide how involved will you be: are you comfortable with giving the man oral or not? Does the idea of a cream pie excite you to no end? Or, does sitting back and taking it all in appeal to you?

Whatever your preferences, 2014 could be the year you make your fantasies come true, and if you need to bounce ideas off someone, the LDW Cuckoldresses would be glad to oblige!

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